7 Best Ways To Accumulate Miles On Your Credit Card, Fast

Getting air miles in Singapore is likely to become an Olympic sport, seeing how much skill and determination you need for that. People compete with each other – and themselves – to calculate which air miles credit card will provide the best benefits.

Will it be Citi PremierMiles Visa? DBS Altitude Visa? The Amex Singapore KrisFlyer credit card or UOB PRVI Miles card? These miles allow you to exchange for free flight tickets or items!

A while back, all you had to do was find your favourite airline and sign with them. Nowadays, you have to research various companies with online calculators, as sweat drops slowly make their way down your forehead.

No wonder the term “miles hacker” was invented.

If that’s you, we understand your passion. Just like how you will want to find the best loan rates, you want to earn miles that bring you the most profit, so you’re blending art with science. You want to convert your hard-earned points into the best perks, including free flights and sumptuous dinners.

Read the guide below to make all of your dreams come true.

1. Choose Partner Airlines

Otherwise, you could get the most reward-packed air miles credit card in Singapore, and it will still be useless. Consider where you’re flying to most frequently and your favourite airline. Next, check out their frequent flyer offers.

If you spend a lot of time vacay-ing or doing business in Southeast Asia, consider the KrisFlyer programme. Both UOB and American Express boast excellent KF programmes for budget-conscious people.

The difference is that UOB addresses Millennials on a budget who like to see their cashback rewards rolling in along with more expensive perks. The American Express is best for newbies who want to earn miles effortlessly and travel constantly.

Use an air miles calculator to compare other options if you’re a frequent flyer. Singaporeans usually choose Air China, United, or even Croatia Airlines.

The essential thing is to choose an airline you’re actually using.

So, consider:

  • Your frequent destinations
  • Budget
  • Preferred activities when you’re abroad
  • General shopping habits

Once you’ve narrowed down your budget, you can assess several airlines that cover your destinations and fit your budget.


2. Claim Missing Miles

As we explained above, the best alternative is the one that gets you more miles and the rewards you need. Even if you follow that advice to a T, the inevitable may happen:

You forget your air miles credit card at home.

Luckily, you don’t have to execute a frenzied Mad Max-worthy car chase home to retrieve a card that’s probably hidden in your wallet. You can just hop on that plane and go about your business as usual.

When you get back home, check with the airline to redeem your missing miles. Most companies are very understanding and will assist you immediately.


3. Use Travel Credit Cards

Co-branded credit cards are a heavenly gift for people who want to maximise their miles earning game.

“I gotta be, the very best!”

We already mentioned two of those above, but the competition is tight—a slew of banks race to offer cutting-edge air miles credit cards with attractive benefits.

The risk here is entering this marketing swirl with your eyes closed and being swooped away in a whirlwind of numbers. According to the banks, the solution to earn air miles, cashback, and points, is to use your card as much as you can.

But here’s the deal: Choose a card that helps you pay for things you need. Otherwise, you’ll just end up charging a lot of useless stuff on it. Going down this road means that even a 20% cashback puts you at an 80% loss.

So ask yourself what you’re expense budget is and what you’re mostly spending it on.

That’s just one example, though. As we said before, the market is flooded with travel credit cards for all your needs.


4. Use That Credit Card Abroad

Most air miles credit cards offer more miles for the dollar when you’re using them abroad. And that’s the good news:

Even if you have a tight budget, chances are you’re going to spend more money overseas. You’ll dine out more frequently, you’ll want to visit the local attractions, and you’re going to try room service at least once.

As a result, you’ll get more out of your card in a foreign country than in Singapore. An air miles calculator will tell you exactly how much. Remember your favourite destinations and budget too.

For instance, Maybank Family and Friends boasts no air miles but has significant discounts for people who spend a lot of time in Malaysia. DBS Altitude Visa and Citi PremierMiles Visa both offer 2 miles/$1 spent abroad. The catch is DBS Altitude is best if you have diverse spending habits, while Citi PremierMiles is best for budget-constrained people.


5. Reimburse The Annual Fees

Some credit cards waiver their fees for one to three years after signing with them. Another example is OCBC 365, which erases your fees if you’re charging at least $10,000 on your card.

These zero-fee policies sound incredibly tempting, but you have to think bigger than that.

Depending on your credit card, paying your annual fees means earning more air miles. For instance, DBS Altitude Visa gets you 10,000 air miles when you pay their annual $192.60 charges. That’s almost 52 miles for each dollar you spend on the yearly fees!

The point is that instead of lunging for the minor prize, you should keep your eyes on the big win.

Of course, that statement means different things to different people. If you’re not a frequent flyer, $200 saved from your card’s waivered fees may mean more to you than 50ish air miles.


6. Claim The Sign-Up Perks

A lot of credit cards offer significant rewards when you activate your card. Some of them ask you to spend a minimal amount of around $10 for them, while others ask you to input a one-time code.

There’s always freebies such as a free Apple Watch, $300 vouchers, free AirPods and more. Tempting, we know.

Some promotions give you cashback, air miles, or discounts; others get you smartphones or points. It’s your job to choose the best offers according to your needs.

For instance, American Express Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Card offers the most flexibility to new cardholders. You can choose between an Apple Air Pod, $180 cash back with your first $500 purchase, or 5,000 KF miles if you’re charging $3,000 on this card.


7. Shop Online

Some credit cards target younger Millennials and Gen Z-ers who make most of their shopping and hotel reservations online. The younger generation is also more likely to use contactless smartphone pay when shopping offline.

Krisflyer Spree is an excellent way of earning more KF miles. All you have to do is log in on this platform and browse through your favourite vendors. You have access to Apple, Groupon, Sephora, and many more.


In Conclusion

People’s biggest mistake is trying to change their habits to get the most out of their credit cards. This method usually fails because you can’t do a 180 on your lifestyle for the sake of some discounts.

In the end, some of them end up buried in credit card debt and seek the help of financial institutions like Horison Credit.

Hopefully, our seven tips above will help you earn more air miles and rewards effortlessly.

The cornerstone of your success is considering your needs, preferences, and spending habits. This way, you can pick an excellent credit that maximises your reward rate.



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