The Covid-19 pandemic was a challenging time for soon-to-be-wed couples.

Now that Singapore is learning to live with the pandemic, there is no better time to get hitched to your other half.

But a wedding costs money, of course – be it for the wedding bands, gown, suit and of course, your wedding reception and honeymoon.

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Why should I apply for a wedding loan?

A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime affair that gives you a lifetime of beautiful memories if you do it right. But it’s also a stressful event to plan for. If you don’t have enough savings, you may need financial help.

What are some of the wedding costs I have to pay for?

Where do we start? A wedding is an occasion where a lot of costs are racked up, seemingly at the same time. You have to fork out money for the wedding rings, bridal gown and suit, photography shoot, wedding invitations, hotel banquet and honeymoon.

How can I qualify for a wedding loan?

At Horison Credit, all we require is proof that you have a stable income every month. We do not need you to have a minimum annual salary.

What makes your wedding loan special?

When you apply for a wedding loan with Horison Credit, you enjoy:

  • Fast processing
  • Customised wedding loan solutions
  • High approval rates
  • Flexible repayment schemes

Items required for a successful Chinese wedding in Singapore

Since the ancient times, Chinese weddings have always been elaborate community affairs where no expense and efforts are spared to make them successful. The wedding ceremony is a culmination of other elaborate rites where the entire family comes together with the community to honor age old traditions.

An ordinary Chinese wedding costs at least $20,000 but you might expect to pay more for the elegance and glamour that comes with Chinese rites.

By holding a Chinese wedding in Singapore, you will be immersing yourself into tradition, and in order to ensure that you stay true to these age old traditions, here are some of the costs, though not exhaustive, that you’ll have to factor in:

  1. Proposal/Betrothal, Guo Da Li (过大礼): This is a crucial part of the Chinese wedding in Singapore and it involves presentation of gifts by the groom’s family. These gifts should represent well wishes for fertility and prosperity. Different dialect groups have their own unique betrothal baskets, which you can easily buy from wedding shops in the city. This usually consists of red packets for parents ($2,000), wedding biscuits and cakes ($600), and 4 gold ($3,700), bringing the total to $6,300 which usually comes out of the groom’s pocket.
  2. Wedding bands: These will cost you anything from $2,000 to $5,000.
  3. Wedding photography and videography:This is a must for all weddings. You would need to have a professional photographer/videographer to capture this once in a lifetime celebration and moment. You will have to put aside an estimated $2,000 – $4,000 for this.
  4. Wedding banquet: This is going to take up the bulk of the cost as friends and family of the bride and groom will gather together at a hotel (usually) for a lavish eight to ten course dinner, sometimes lunch. There will be speeches from parents, the maid of honour, friends and the bride and groom themselves. There will also usually be a cake cutting ceremony and a toast for to celebrate the joyous occasion. This will cost anywhere between $30,000 to $50,000. That being said, most of the money can be recovered through the red packets from guests.
  5. If you are planning a Chinese wedding in Singapore, you have to be ready to bring to life these age old traditions and customs. They will cost a lot but you will have the crucial blessings of the family and community as you start your marriage life.

Items required for a successful Malay wedding in Singapore

If you are planning a Malay wedding in Singapore, you have to be aware of the deep cultural significance this ceremony has. While weddings in every community are considered important, Malay weddings are more entrenched in the traditions and customs of the community. This is an important community event that needs to be celebrated in style. It is not a family affair alone but an elaborate occasion involving the ‘gotong-royong’ kampung spirit where the whole community comes together to celebrate your nuptials.

Of course, all weddings require a lot of effort but for Malay weddings, you need even more. These are elaborate events that rope in everyone in the community. They are not just focused on the nuptials but instead, the couple goes through a cultural journey that was well established by the forefathers. From Merisik stage where a relative is sent to spy on the potential bride, Wedding Ceremony (Majlis Persandingan) to homecoming (Bertandang), there is so much that goes on in Malay weddings.

This is without doubt going to be an expensive affair but with this financial product, now you can have that dream Malay wedding. With this wedding loan, you will be able to participate in every rite in a stylish manner.

A fantastic wedding not only impresses your bride’s family but also earns you the much needed blessings from the family and entire community. A glamorous Malay wedding is the first step in the long and joyous journey of marriage. By immersing yourself into the Malay wedding rites, you will also get a chance to learn more about this culture.

Now that you appreciate the importance of every rite in the elaborate Malay wedding, it’s time to find out what you’ll be required to prepare and buy during this wedding.

  1. Merisik gifts: These are presented to the bride’s family during the initial stages of a proposal. They range from handbags, food, and jewelry and a present of Duit Hantaran of around $8,000 to $15,000.
  2. Mmas kahwin (dowry): This is paid during the bertunang process (engagement) and before solemnisation.
  3. Marriage prep course:A certificate is issued after this compulsory step in a Singapore Malay wedding and you should give something to the teacher.
  4. Marriage registration: A registration certificate is provided after a meeting with a Registry of Muslim Marriages (ROMM) official.
  5. Betrothal gifts (Hantaran): Both sides of the family come with gifts during the solemnization ceremony and they range from formal Malay attire, electronics among others.
  6. Sirih Dara and Mahar: This is the most important gift for a Malay wedding. The Betel Leaves of Virginity is a gift given by the groom to the bride to signify she is a virgin. Mahar is a money gift symbolizing the value of the union.
  7. Of course you have to cater for the food, entertainment among other things during a Malay wedding. Talk to us for a custom wedding loan to make your special day truly memorable.

Items required for a successful Western wedding in Singapore

Holding a western wedding in Singapore can cost anywhere between $50,000 to $100,000. These are some of the more major wedding expenses that you have to account for during a western wedding.

  1. Dowry: This is an integral part of marriage ceremonies in most communities. To get the bride’s family’s blessings, make sure you pay this in advance as a show of respect for their culture.
  2. Wedding bands: As an affirmation of your love for one another, these will cost you anything from $2,000 to $5,000.
  3. Wedding banquet: This is among the highlight of any wedding and in Singapore, this can set you back $30,000 and above.
  4. Bridal package: This covers for the pre-wedding shoot, makeup, hairdo and wedding gown for the bride. It also covers the suit of the groom. You should set aside at least $3,500 for this.
  5. Wedding Solemnisation: This will cost around $3,000 – $5,000. It covers the rental for the location and the reception thereafter.
  6. Wedding photography and videography:This is a must for all weddings. You would need to have a professional photographer/videographer to capture this once in a lifetime celebration and moment. You will have to put aside an estimated $2,000 – $4,000 for this.
  7. Do note that these are just estimated costs and and the actual cost may differ. There may also be additional costs involved as these are just some of the very basic items required for a western wedding.


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