You came to Singapore with high hopes. You fell in love with how modern, efficient and cosmopolitan Singapore is.

Now instead of just working for someone else, you found the motivation for a new dream: You want to set up your own business here. Or maybe you need cash urgently for an emergency.

But there’s a problem. You are not a Singaporean and you’ve heard it can be hard for foreigners to apply for credit in Singapore.

What can you do?

Don’t worry. Foreigners can apply for loans in Singapore. It’s called a Foreigner Loan.

Apply for Horison Credit’s foreigner loans and find out for yourself how easy the process is.

What is a foreigner loan?

It is a loan that is provided to those who are working in a country where that they are not citizens of.

What can a foreigner loan be used for?

Singapore is attractive to many foreigners because of its location, cultural diversity, accessibility, safety, stability, skilled workforce, and openness to foreign talent.

So if you want to set up a business in Singapore after working here for a number of years, you can consider getting a foreigner loan.

This will give you the working capital to start or grow your business.

What are the benefits of a foreigner loan?

At Horison Credit, we can customise a foreigner loan to your business needs. We offer flexible payment terms and reasonable interest rates.

If you are between 21 to 55 years old, all you need to do is prepare the following documents:

  • Identification documents (e.g. passport)
  • Valid work permit
  • Letter of employment
  • Recent bank statements
  • Payslips

What other factors will be considered before my foreigner loan application is approved?

We will also look at your credit score and type of employment you are in before approving your loan.

How can I check my credit report?

Request for a copy of your credit report from Credit Bureau Singapore (CBS). It will include your credit score and rating.

A credit score that is close to 2,000 is a good score, while a credit rating of AA is excellent.

A score that is close to 1,000 is not good, as is a credit rating of HH.

What do I do if I find incorrect entries in my credit report?

You can send in a request to CBS for such entries to be rectified. Once this is done, your credit report should reflect these changes.


Getting started is easy.


Submit application

Complete the loan application form and hit on the submit button.


Getting approval

Wait for the processing & receive your application status within 24 hours.


Collect your money

Sign on the agreement at our outlet and collect your money.