In an uncertain world, nothing is more important than having ready cash on hand when you have an emergency on hand.

If you are in a financial bind or have too many commitments, what can you do?

The answer is simple – you can apply for a Fast Cash Loan with Horison Credit.

We can give you a Fast Cash Loan as quickly as 30 minutes.

Once you have the money, you can buy what you need or settle that pressing bill.

Just apply now for our Fast Cash Loan using Singpass to finish your application in minutes.

What is a fast cash loan?

As its name suggests, it is a cash loan that is disbursed on the spot in as quickly as 30 minutes. You won’t have to wait days or even weeks for the money.

What can a fast cash loan be used for?

This would depend on why you applied for the loan. A fast cash loan can be used to pay off a pressing debt or settle a medical emergency.

It is a good option if your credit history is poor.

What do I have to do to get a fast cash loan?

Just fill up our form online through Singpass and you will receive a response from our friendly loan advisors within the hour.

Once your application is approved, turn up at our office with the relevant documents and you’re set.

Do I have to provide collateral to get a fast cash loan?

No, at Horison Credit, you do not need to provide collateral to get a fast cash loan disbursed to you.

I really need money urgently. How can I get the funds as quickly as possible?

Knowing exactly how much you need is a good start. Let us know what you need the money for.

Get all the required documents ready so we can give you the money on the spot. It can take only 30 minutes to give you the money.

Can the money be transferred directly to my bank account?

No, when we’ve approved your application, you need to visit our office and present your personal documents for verification at our office.

If everything is in good order, we will then give you the money in person at our office.


Getting started is easy.


Submit application

Complete the loan application form and hit on the submit button.


Getting approval

Wait for the processing & receive your application status within 24 hours.


Collect your money

Sign on the agreement at our outlet and collect your money.