It’s never been more challenging or uncertain to run a business in Singapore.

Times are changing, customers are fickle, and inflation is rising.

Does your business need a cash injection desperately to secure that new deal? Are you late with your payroll? Or do you need to scale your business by buying new equipment?

Horison Credit can help you.

Apply for a Business Loan with us and receive the money you need quickly and easily.

It just takes a few minutes to apply for a Business Loan through Singpass.

What types of business loan solutions can you offer?

We are able to customise loans based on your company’s needs.

But the main types of business loans we offer include working capital loans, invoice financing, purchase order financing, and payroll financing.

My business is struggling, but I don’t know what loan amount to ask for. Can you help me?

It’s normal to feel overwhelmed if you have not run a business before.

But here are some ideas on what you can use our business loan for – you can use it for payroll, buying equipment or to increase your working capital.

Will the business loan be a secured or unsecured loan?

It will be an unsecured loan. You won’t need to worry about losing your collateral in the process. We can offer up to $200,000 for unsecured loans.

Can I still apply for a business loan if my outfit is in the pre-revenue stage?

Yes. Horison Credit should be able to work something out with you. Our business loan is open to established organisations or brand-new companies. Get started by giving us a call or applying for a loan now.

What do I need to apply for a business loan?

You have to apply personally at our office. Bring along your NRIC, as well as your company’s bank statements for the last six months. We will also need your company’s latest Business Profile Report.

What can I use the business loan for?

This would depend on what stage your company is in and why you need the funds for.


Getting started is easy.


Submit application

Complete the loan application form and hit on the submit button.


Getting approval

Wait for the processing & receive your application status within 24 hours.


Collect your money

Sign on the agreement at our outlet and collect your money.