How To Calculate Housing Loan Monthly Installment In Singapore

Purchasing a house is a big financial commitment. Getting a loan to finance your purchase is a common practice, and understanding how to calculate housing loan monthly installments of is essential.

A housing loan repayment calculator is something that you can use to get an estimate of how much you need to pay for your loan each month.

Mortgage bankers use this housing loan calculator Singapore to demonstrate their loan offers through proper calculations.

The right housing loan installment calculator helps you compute the approximate cost of loan repayment, taking into account your loan’s principal amount and interest rate. By knowing how to calculate housing loan monthly installments, you can easily plan your personal finances and make sure you can manage the loan repayment each month.

How Much Loan Can You Borrow For Your New Home?

The amount of loan you can borrow for your new home will depend on how much you’re able to pay for your monthly installment. There are several factors that determine how much loan you can get, including:

  • Your credit score
  • Your income
  • The type of loan you’re applying for
  • The size and location of the property you’re buying


The loan-to-value (LTV) ratio is one other important factor in determining how much loan you can borrow. LTV is a ratio that compares how much you’re borrowing to how much the property costs.

To calculate how LTV affects your loan amount, divide the total loan amount by the value of the property and multiply it by 100%. Your lender will typically apply an LTV limit when approving loans, which is how it decides how much loan you can borrow.

Generally, HDB loans have LTV of 80%, meaning that you can borrow up to 80% of the property’s value. Bank loans have a typical 75% LTV.


The Total Debt Servicing Ratio (TDSR) is a measure of how much debt you can afford to take on, based on your income and the size of the loan.

Your TDSR is determined by calculating how much of your monthly income will go towards the repayment of debts each month.

Banks usually impose a limit on how large your loan can be, based on how well it fits within your TDSR limit.

Typically, this means that banks will not lend more than 40-60% (depending on the bank) of your gross monthly salary as a housing loan amount. This helps ensure that you do not overstretch themselves financially when taking up a home loan.

With these factors in mind, use an online housing loan calculator Singapore to estimate how much you’ll likely be able to borrow for your new home.

Such mortgage repayment calculator Singapore makes it easier for you helping you calculate home loan repayments in a single click.

What Is A Mortgage Repayment?

Mortgage repayment is a type of loan repayment in which you pay off the principal amount taken as well as the interest on it throughout the tenure of the loan.

It is a periodical payment made towards your mortgage loan to repay it gradually over time.

In mortgage repayment, your mortgage loan repayment balance will decrease over time as you pay off the loan, and gets completed when the loan amount is fully paid off.

The loan tenure of the mortgage loan depends on the age of the applicant, how much loan you are taking and how creditworthy you are.

The longer your loan tenure, the lower will be your monthly payments as the amount of principal and interest payments made each month is divided over a longer period of time.

How Much Mortgage Payment Can You Afford?

When you’re trying to get a mortgage or refinancing for your new home, how much loan you can borrow depends on how much mortgage payment you can afford.

To determine your loan affordability range, you must calculate home loan repayment rates for your mortgage loan.

Your lender is likely to look at how well-equipped you are to make payments regularly when considering how large a loan you’re eligible for.

A few factors that influence your loan affordability are:

  • Your income
  • Your monthly expenses
  • Your savings amount
  • Your credit score
  • Additional costs that are associated with owning a property such as insurance and taxes

If you are wondering how to calculate how much mortgage payment you can afford, a monthly repayment loan calculator can be of great help.

How To Calculate Housing Loan Monthly Installment

Calculating housing loan monthly installments requires knowing the amount of money borrowed (loan amount), the interest rate charged by the lender, and the length of time over which it must be repaid (loan tenure).

Using this information, you can use the following formula to calculate your monthly installment:

Monthly installment = Loan Amount x Interest Rate x (1+Interest Rate) ^ Number of Payments / [(1 + Interest Rate)^Number of Payments – 1]

If you find this formula complicated and are wondering how to calculate a housing loan monthly installments, an online mortgage calculator is your answer.

How To Use A Mortgage Calculator

A mortgage calculator is a tool that helps you estimate how much loan you could borrow and how much interest rate you’ll be required to pay for your home loan. It takes into account factors like loan amount, interest rate, loan tenure and other fees associated with it.

To use a mortgage repayment calculator Singapore,

  • Go to the best online mortgage calculator.
  • Enter all the details related to your loans such as the total amount borrowed, loan tenure and interest rate.
  • Once you enter these details, the calculator will give you an estimated monthly installment amount according to the details entered by you.

It’s important that when using a mortgage calculator, you should include additional costs like taxes, insurance etc as lenders take them into account while assessing how much loan amount they’ll be willing to offer.

Singapore mortgage loan calculator also provides you details of how much mortgage payment you can afford by calculating TDSR, LTV, etc.

For this, you might need to enter further details like type of property, property status, citizenship details, financial details, and other financial commitments.

With the right amount of information and the help of an online mortgage calculator, you can effectively plan your finances better so that you can make informed decisions when buying your dream home.

Furthermore, it also helps in understanding how much loan amount one is eligible for and how long they need to pay off the loan. This makes it easier in selecting suitable loan offers from different banks or financial institutions.

To Sum It Up

A mortgage repayment calculator Singapore offers can be the all-in-one answer to your question, ‘how to calculate housing loan monthly installment?’.

Find the right installment calculator that meets all your requirements and use it to get an idea of how much mortgage payment you can budget for.

With the help of a property loan calculator Singapore, calculating loan payments not only becomes simpler but also more accurate. So, start using one today to make the process of calculating monthly installments easier.

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