Tired Of Dating Apps? Try Dating Agencies To Amp Up Your Love Life!

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2020, the year of the Rat, according to the Chinese Zodiac, was supposed to bring new opportunities for love! And then volcanoes erupted, fires engulfed Australia, and the COVID-19 pandemic started…

All that made it much harder to find your true love offline.

So, you probably tried a dating app or two. You had plenty of time during the Circuit Breaker to swipe left and right, huh?

But although these dating apps use reliable algorithms, they can’t always solve the intricacies of real love. Recent stats show that we Singaporeans prefer Tinder, Coffee Meets Bagel and OkCupid. However, you only have a 44% chance for your relationship to work. That’s less than half and it is also an estimate for short-term relationships.

Only 21% of relationships via online dating apps last for more than a year. Out of those, only 11% end in marriage.

So, facing the statistics, you probably won’t hear any wedding bells with these apps.


There’s Another Avenue That Might Help You Find True Love

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Hope is not lost! Even if dating apps can’t help, there are other ways to find your special someone!

The answer? Dating agencies!

Don’t worry; dating agencies are not the same as your grandma trying to fix you up with strangers. The people there are experts in what they do. They have useful algorithms, plus an excellent intuition to top that off. From another angle, dating agencies are great middleman to help you widen your network and meet more people. Even if you guys don’t become lovers, you will gain a new friend!

Here’s Another Advantage: Dating Agencies Organise Incredible Dates

Dating agencies will usually take care of you by planning out your date, or at least suggest date ideas so you don’t feel as lost. It could be a nice dinner, visit a certain event or an outing.

What If You’re Too Shy To Go On Any Date?

Tinder lets you find your own pick-up lines, but a dating agency will help more. They have relationship coaches that will bring up your game from zero to Will Smith in Hitch.

While it all sounds like a walk in the garden, you still have to choose carefully. Each dating agency has their own strengths and weaknesses. Some might be better at matching up rich people or some might offer speed dating.

Let’s explore the best accredited dating agencies on the island! They’re all legit, but each is best for a different purpose.

List Of Dating Agencies In Singapore

Dating AgencyBest for:Cost
A Dance DateMemorable dance events for singles- $15 online meet
- $38-$48 art classes
CompleteMeOne-on-one speed dating- $9.90 chat in-app
- $11.90 online speed dating
- $18.90 activity-based session
Dating MomentsSWIFT Dating Methodology (Sincerity, Worthwhile, Innovative, Fun, Trustworthy)- $16 for events
- $75 and up for MeetMe dates
Divine ConnectPersonalised matchmaking such as enneagram profiling$950 per programme
FabriqueEvents galore and free webinars- $16.80 online meetups
- $55 double date event
- $188 lifetime membership
GaiGai- Free profiling
- Thematic sessions
- $55 private coaching
Love Express- Movie club
- Lots of events
- $119+ movie club package
- $19+ per event
- $2.90 online dating workshops
Lunch ActuallyStart-to-end stellar matchmaking services- $2,100+ membership fee
One Plus OneBusy PMEs (Professionals, Managers, and Executives)- $5 event fee, minus dinner cost
Society WElites, the rich- $4,500 six-month fee


A Dance Date 

A Dance Date’s name tells you exactly what you’ll get from this agency: a unique dance date.

If you’re shy, but like to dance, try one of their dance meetups. Their classes and parties have an electric vibe and you have more chances to see with who you click.

The best part: You won’t have to go through your brain with a fine-tooth comb for a catchy pick-up line. You can also kiss sweaty hands and heart palpitations goodbye.

Here’s why:

Any sort of physical activity helps your body get rid of excess stress hormones. So, by dancing with your date instead of talking, you’ll feel calmer and more confident. Throughout the dance date, you will get the chance to dance with different people! And don’t think you’ll be stuck with just one partner. You can dance with more people so you can up your success chances.

A Dance Date offers more than dance dates, though. Gamers can highlight their best qualities at board game events, while outdoorsy types can connect with others during various hikes. If you’re artsy, enrol in one of their painting sessions.



Some experts claim you know if someone is right for you within the first few seconds after meeting. In other terms, it might be love at first sight.

CompleteMe agrees with this claim and it already has 13 years of experience in the Singaporean speed dating environment.

But instead of focusing on one tactic, CompleteMe is always striving to find the best dating methodologies. That’s why this agency organises various events and matches people by innovative criteria. Since big gatherings aren’t allowed with the COVID-19 pandemic, CompleteMe has adapted by moving some of its events online. These include speed dating, treasure hunts and category dates.

These dates are the most interesting because you can pick a date depending on your horoscope sign and even blood type.

CompleteMe samples your saliva to sequence your DNA so that you can find the right match. Literally.

CompleteMe 1, Tinder 0.


Dating Moments

Dating Moments is best if you want personalised matching. This agency applies an algorithm called SWIFT, which stands for Sincerity, Worthwhile, Innovative, Fun, and Trustworthy.

The agency believes that these are the pillars of a successful relationship, so they strive to implement them right from the beginning.

We thought the pillars were Lust, Alcohol, and Lies, but hey, that’s why we’re not relationship gurus.

Anyway, Dating Moments can help you with a completely customised experience, including moderated online dates, a dating consultant that reviews your profile, plus relationship advice.

You can also try a Netflix party or their fantastic platform for seniors.


Divine Connect

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If you listen to Class 95 on the radio, you probably already know about Cindy at Love Expert. And do you know who Cindy is?

Yes, she’s one of the founders of Divine Connect!

So, you can benefit from all her full experience if you give Divine Connect a chance.

But what makes this dating agency different?

The clue is in the name: Divine Connect. The catch is that the first person whom you’ll make a divine connection to is yourself.

This agency’s philosophy is that you can’t build a successful romantic relationship until you reach a deep level of self-understanding. That concept is pretty different from dating apps where you have to show your shallow side first.

So, check Divine Connect’s enneagram profiling service to find out exactly who you are and what you need from yourself.

You can also apply for a consultation with a relationship expert. If you still need more help, Divine Connect can help you with plenty of workshops and coaching sessions.



This agency has nine+ years of experience offering quality dating services for Singaporeans, which it puts to fair use.

Here’s how:

Fabrique offers free webinars. You can find out a lot of useful things here that will help you up your game. You’ll understand how to improve your image, and you’ll hone your dating skills.

And there’s more.

The $188 Lifetime Membership available until you tie the knot officially starts with a free session with one of Fabrique’s consultants. You’ll also get lots of exclusive goodies, such as discounts and invitations.

Or you can try some of Fabrique’s unique events.

If you’re shy, go on a Double Date at a wine tasting organised by Fabrique. You can also opt for an online meetup, where the moderator will help you and your date to connect.

If you’re an outdoor person, join a paintball, skating, or bouldering event. Perhaps Fabrique will organise one of its famous night cycling parties again, or one of their bubbly picnics.



If you’ve tried some dating apps by now, you may already know about Paktor.

Well, GaiGai is its offline version.

And it’s had a lot of success in Asia.

This dating agency has hundreds of thousands of customers in Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Taiwan. Plus about 50,000 of your fellow citizens are already using its services.

So why should you choose GaiGai?

If you have a relaxed dating style, you’ll love their dates. GaiGai targets people who prefer gai gai meetups with friends. So this agency will help you to meet various partners in casual settings depending on your interests.

You even get a free profiling session first!

That means you will be paired with a few possible matches so that you can go on customised dates. That certainly ups your chances of success. And GaiGai will also help you prep. Nowadays, the agency sports an attractive promotion for their hour-long private love coaching sessions. So, for just $55, you can make sure everything goes smoothly.


Love Express

Love Express is your express train out of singlehood.

Here’s why you can trust it: Love Express was founded in 2007 and sets up two hundred events annually. Already 10,000 singles on the island have tried its services, and very few have complained.

Just like other agencies, Love Express offers online workshops and events, plus offline dinners depending on the category you want. As such, you can meet other people that have the same age or the same hobbies as yours.

But here’s what sets Love Express apart: It’s best for movie-lovers. Or at least people who believe that a good movie can light the love spark.

The Movie Club Packages at Love Express cater to every taste. The price of one movie date is about $20-$30, depending on the overall costs of your package. Besides, you’ll get pre-matched first to make sure you and your partner connect.


Lunch Actually

Lunch Actually’s Violet Lim has her own love story with matchmaking. After she tried being a lawyer AND a banker, she left these jobs behind to follow her true passion.

After sixteen years, her agency is still going strong with about 130,000 dates under its belt so far.

The biggest problem? You can pay up to $2,700 for just a few dates.

So why’s everyone so hooked on this agency?

Firstly, you get an initial consultation with a trained dating specialist. If you’re shy, you might feel a little uncomfortable sharing a lot of personal details, but trust the process. That’s how you increase your chances of finding a compatible partner.

But here’s another thing: this first session doesn’t guarantee you can become a member.

Lunch Actually only accepts people that it can match, which explains its excellent success rates.

The good news is that you won’t be abandoned.

Enrol in the Lunch Actually Academy where you’ll be coached for success. You’ll first learn how to love yourself so that you can be part of a relationship.

You’ll also go on a blind date.

Lunch Actually doesn’t disclose photos of your partner, which means you’ll have to go on a blind date. However, your consultant will coach you on possible topics based on your shared interests.

After your date, your consultant will call you again to ask for your feedback.

That brings us to Lunch Actually’s best feature. They’re extremely good at embracing and using even the worst feedback. That’s why most people can find a long-term match by the third or fourth date, according to the official stats.


One Plus One

One Plus One caters to busy PMEs. The agency’s been around for 17 years, and it has thousands of dating events.

The best part is that the events are incredibly cheap. Besides, they’re targeted at groups. That means you can drown your shyness in the collective sea of singlehood around you. You can choose the option you’re most comfortable with, such as casual dinner or a sunset walk.

One Plus One also has friendly outdoor options, including farm tours, island trips to the Southern islands, or hiking. The agency caters to board game enthusiasts, karaoke lovers, and BBQ experts.


Society W

Society W is a dating agency for the elites.

And who said billionaires don’t have a hard time finding love?

If you’re a white-collar professional, CEO, genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist, give Society W a shot.

It’s not cheap at $4,500 starting price for six months, but that’s just change to you, right?

Don’t worry; Society W offers all the best services for the price, including awesome dates and 100% privacy. Besides, becoming a member is free, and you get plenty of perks once you’re in, such as expert profiling and exclusive invites.


Give It A Shot

Well, if you’re already in the workforce and is still looking for love, it might be hard to meet someone right. Unless… you don’t mind dating your colleague.

Going on blind dates not only allows you to find your potential partner, but it also helps you to expand your network. Even if the dates don’t match up to your standards, they might make good friends or business connections.

Don’t be afraid of meeting people.

Take the first step, go on a date and who knows, we might hear wedding bells ringing soon! Good luck!