Compare the moneylenders in Singapore

Why should we compare the moneylenders in Singapore?

There are many reasons as to why we need to compare the moneylenders in Singapore. Firstly, we need to know how they respond to our call, are they aggressive? Are they persistent? How friendly are they? Do you feel comfortable talking to them on the phone? These are some of the things that you need to take note of. Once you are ready, drop by their office, and take a look at their interior layout. It should be neat, clean and you must feel welcomed.

This will be followed by the greetings from the staff, and how they assist you, with a smile and friendly manner? You will be surprised that they even treat you like how you are at a bank.

Nevertheless, do not forget to read the clause carefully. This is the biggest mistake. Do not just sign on that contract, but read and understand the terms and conditions. Many customers overlook on the importance it. More importantly, are you able to make the re-payment? On time?

When it is time to make the payment, does the moneylender give you a SMS reminder or a call? Is it too near the due date or earlier? How is their voice tone? They should be talking to you in a nice manner. A good customer service, will result in returning customers.

Do remember that doing your due diligence, to research on registered moneylending companies in Singapore. You can always check on IPTO website.