Best Online Grocery Shopping With Delivery Sites In Singapore (2020 Update)

Best Online Grocery Shopping With Delivery Sites In Singapore Horison Licensed Moneylender

With the extension of Singapore’s Circuit Breaker to fight Coronavirus, more Singaporeans will be staying at home. The Circuit Breaker has been extended till 1 June 2020, meaning that most of us will be making purchases online, including online grocery shopping. To keep social distancing, online grocery shopping is the best option to get your daily necessities and food.

Shop from the comfort of your homes! Online shopping has become very popular in Singapore as well as in many other countries around the world. In this highly digital era, it has become very convenient for many Singaporeans to do all their shopping online because it saves both time and money.

Supermarkets such as NTUC Fairprice, Sheng Siong, Cold Storage and more have established their own websites for Singaporeans to do their online shopping.


Advantages Of Choosing Online Grocery Shopping

Advantages Of Choosing Online Grocery Shopping In Singapore Horison Credit Licensed Moneylender

There are several advantages to choosing online grocery shopping, and some of these are listed below.

1. Online shopping stores are open 24/7, make your purchases any time of the day.

If you choose to shop online, you will be relieved from the pressure of having to rush to the store before they close for the day. You avoid queues and save time. Online stores are accessible at any time of the day or night; therefore, you can shop at any time of your convenience. It is a significant advantage because you will not need to interrupt your busy schedule just to go shopping.

2. No parking worries.

Some supermarkets are limited when it comes to parking spaces for customers. If you happen to visit the store during the rush hour, then the chances are that you will waste plenty of time in your car waiting for an available parking slot. It could double the amount of time that you spend shopping. Also, certain shopping malls charge extremely high parking fees. With online shopping, you can avoid all the hassles that come with parking and save plenty of time.

3. Best option during the current situation of COVID-19.

In crises like the current one where there is the challenge of the coronavirus and people all over the world get advised to stay home, shopping online for your grocery is an excellent option. You can still get your food supplies and even household purchases delivered to your doorstep despite the COVID-19 crisis that is at hand. It is important to maintain social distancing during this period.

4. No unreasonable salespeople to deal with.

Many Singaporeans have had unpleasant experiences with the sales staff at supermarket outlets. These employees can be irritable or merely rude to customers because of fatigue or inadequate training. When shopping online, you avoid the challenge of having to deal with difficult salespeople.

5. Save the cost of transport.

If you need to drive through the traffic to get to the supermarket, then shopping online will help you to make some substantial savings on fuel costs. That is especially true if your preferred shopping store is not located very near your place of residence. The amount that you would have spent on fuel to drive to the supermarket can be useful in purchasing extra items as you shop online.

6. No waiting in line to pay.

The lines at the cashier points in supermarkets can sometimes be extremely long. You may have several customers ahead of you in the queue who have full carts, and the payment system at the supermarket may not be fully updated. All of this tends to contribute to significant delays and time lost. When you shop online, there are no line ups for payments, and you simply chose your items and pay for them immediately.

7. Online representatives are better trained.

The shopping representatives found online are usually well trained in handling clients. They have a touch of professionalism, and they will generally help to make your online shopping experience more pleasant. The guidance they offer will help you to make the right choice when selecting the items to purchase.

8. Comparison of prices is easier

Easier Price Comparison With Online Grocery Shopping Sites Horison Credit Licensed Moneylender Singapore

The best thing about online grocery shopping is that you can compare prices from the comfort of your home. Which supermarket sells the cheapest detergent? Which shop carries the cheapest toothpaste? Simply open a few tabs on your computer and you can easily find out.

When you do your shopping at a physical supermarket, it may not be easy for you to get a comprehensive price comparison with other supermarkets. It will be a very tedious exercise to compare prices manually because you will need to physically visit other supermarkets to obtain the costs of their goods. However, with online shopping, you can get a detailed comparison of the prices across different online stores by simply clicking a button. It is very convenient, and you can select the best price options when shopping.

9. Low shipping fees or shipping fees waivers.

Most online shops tend to waive their shipping costs and fees as a way of giving some incentive to their customers. Sometimes there will be a minimum spending required, but it will be a reasonable number. Some of them also offer a toll-free number where you can contact them quickly and conveniently. These small savings on costs can contribute towards making your online purchases more pocket friendly.

10. Sending gifts is much easier.

During tough times with the Circuit Breaker, we could all use a surprise gift to brighten our day. With online shopping, it becomes easy to send gifts to your family and friends. Imagine the joy they would feel when they receive tasty food from you!


Here Are The Top Online Grocery Shopping Sites In Singapore

Top Online Grocery Shopping Sites Singapore Horison Credit Licensed Moneylender

There are several online shopping sites in Singapore where you can have access to a large variety of groceries as well as household items. You can purchase food, cleaning supplies, dairy products and more. Some of these online sites are listed below.

1. NTUC FairPrice

We all know the items at NTUC FairPrice are affordable. Singaporeans can get their fruits, meat, vegetables, toiletries and more from this supermarket. Unknown to some, NTUC FairPrice has gone online to increase the convenience and accessibility to their products.

NTUC FairPrice’s shopping site is known for the low prices as well as same-day delivery. They also do not charge membership fees, and their minimum amount for free delivery is minimal. Simply spend $79 and above to receive free delivery. Otherwise, the delivery charge is $3 for orders between $59 to $79 and $5 for orders below $59. Another benefit of ordering from NTUC FairPrice online is that you can choose your delivery date and timing. Fear not if you’re unavailable or not at home.

Access their site here.

2. Purely Fresh

Another online grocery shopping site is Purely Fresh. Purely Fresh is known to offer customised orders to their clients. For example, you can choose to have your pork or fish sliced up.

As the supermarket’s name suggests, they sell fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, fresh seafood, fresh meat and even yong tau foo. They also give a money-back guarantee for any products that you are not satisfied with and for all purchases above $100, free delivery is offered. 

Access their site here.

3. Redmart

Redmart is one of the largest online shopping sites in Singapore. They usually offer up to 30,000 items at discounted prices daily, and these include a wide range of groceries and household accessories.

Redmart offers competitive prices and they offer free delivery for purchases above $40. If you are a LiveUp member, you will also benefit from a rebate of 4% with each shipment made.

Access their site here.

4. Sheng Siong Online

Sheng Siong is known for their fresh seafood, low prices and most importantly, their weekly Saturday show “The Sheng Siong Show”. The live variety show is hosted by Kym Ng and Dasmond Koh. Each episode, winners of the lucky draws get to win away money that’s x50, x60, x80, x100 or even x1,000 of the amount they spent at Sheng Siong. This lucky draw has definitely increased their sales in Singapore.

If you choose to shop at the online site of Sheng Siong, you will enjoy the benefit of having same-day delivery services. In addition to this, if you pay for your purchases with POSB everyday card, then you will get a 5% rebate. Sheng Siong has a wide variety of items, including pet food and electronic gadgets.

Access their site here.

5. EAMart

EAMart is yet another online shopping site that is available in Singapore. They offer free delivery services, with no minimum purchase.

On this site, you will also benefit from a 5% rebate if you spend a minimum of $150 per month. They have discounted the prices of over 3,000 items. Therefore, you can easily choose purchases that are reasonably priced.

Access their site here.

6. Cold Storage Online

Cold Storage carries a greater variety of food and often sells brands that are rare. They are also slightly higher priced. If you are looking for special brands, Cold Storage is a place to try.

This online shopping site has weekly sales and offers free delivery for purchases of over $59. They have a unique range of fruits and snacks, which include blackberries. Therefore, if you enjoy these rare types of healthy snacks, then you will enjoy shopping at Cold Storage Online.

Access their site here.

7. Giant Online

If you enjoy doing bulk shopping, then Giant Online is the ideal shopping site for you. Prices are affordable and they carry a huge variety of food and necessities.

They offer same-day delivery but it is limited to the maximum number of delivery slots available.

Access their site here.


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In conclusion, the online shopping site that you finally choose will depend on the items that you have on your shopping list as well as the benefits and perks that are offered by each site.

During tough times with Singapore and the world fighting Coronavirus, you can play your part by maintaining social distancing and make your grocery run online. Most of us might be relying on our savings. If you need emergency money or extra cash to tide over this period, you can find out more about Horison Credit’s affordable personal loans here.