10 Dangers Of Being Overweight And How A Weight Loss Loan Can Help

You might have heard your doctor, or even friends and family members advising you to cut down on your food intake, take smaller portions or to refrain from eating certain foods that are fatty or high in cholesterol.

That said, being overweight has always been a challenging problem for some Singaporeans.

An obese person is one who has a BMI of above 30, and a waist line of over 40 inches, for men, and 35 inches for women. Being overweight or obese comes with serious health problems and some of them can be life threatening.

With that said about going for a weight loss surgery / bariatric surgery is going to require quite a huge amount of funds. On average, bariatric surgeries can set you back by about S$6,000 – S$10,000. Those without subsidies can cost up to $20,000.  This is where a weight loss loan can help to finance your weight loss journey


10 Consequences Of Being Overweight

Unfortunately, there are some obese people who continue living in denial and prefer not to face the risks of living with excess weight. It is important that they understand the dangers of being grossly overweight, and some of these are given below:


1. High Blood Pressure

This disease is known to be a silent killer because there are usually no obvious symptoms.

Obese people are at a huge risk of getting this disease. This is because it is harder for the heart to pump blood around the body through the arteries of someone who has excess weight.

As such, the arteries will come under some pressure. This pressure in the arteries is what results in high blood pressure.

There are medications for high blood pressure. However, the ideal solution will be for one to lose the excess weight and solve the problem permanently.

2. Stroke

This is another disease that tends to befall grossly overweight people. A stroke occurs when a part of the brain lacks blood.

Obesity causes high blood pressure and this excess pressure in the arteries can cause a vessel in the brain to burst. This bursting of a brain vessel is one major cause of strokes.

3. Diabetes

A huge percentage of obese people in Singapore suffer from diabetes. This disease can be caused by other factors like family genes, but being overweight is one of the most common causes of diabetes.

Once you become overweight, the insulin in your body fails to work properly and this results in very high levels of blood sugar. Diabetes can lead to other complications like eye problems; it has even been known to cause blindness.

4. Some Cancers

Cancer is a disease where cells tend to grow out of control. When one is overweight or obese, some hormones are released by the excess fat cells, and these cause the body cells to multiply faster, leading to cancer.

The types of cancer that have been linked to obesity are breast cancer, colon cancer, and kidney cancer. You should not wait to get cancer before deciding to go for weight loss treatment.

5. Heart Disease

This is a disease that has become extremely common, not only in Singapore, but all over the world. More people are diagnosed with heart disease every year, and most of them are overweight or obese.

When you are overweight or obese, the heart labours to pump blood around the body. In addition, obese people are already predisposed to high blood pressure, and this has adverse effects on the heart. High cholesterol levels in the arteries also cause heart disease and most overweight people tend to have high cholesterol levels.

6. Disease Of The Liver

When you are obese, fat tends to be deposited in the liver. This causes extensive liver damage and it is unfortunate that it may happen quietly because there are no initial symptoms.

The damage to the liver can eventually cause full liver failure and even death.

Those who are overweight should have regular checks done on their liver so as treat the disease early if it does occur. This should be followed by an aggressive weight loss program.

7. Disease Of The Kidney

This is yet another danger of being excessively overweight. Obese people tend to have high blood pressure and diabetes, which are known to cause kidney failure. When the kidneys fail, they are no longer able to remove waste from the body, and the consequences of this can even be death.

8. Joint Problems

An obese person exerts a lot of weight on his or her joints, especially the leg joints. This causes a lot of pain and difficulty in movement. This is because the cartilage which surrounds the joints becomes eroded and this causes great challenges when moving around. The loss of excess weight gives substantial relief to the patient.

9. Sleep Disorders

Overweight people tend to have a lot of fat around the neck area. This causes the air passage to be restricted and results in snoring as well as interruptions in breathing.

The breathing may stop briefly several times during the night. This causes you to feel drowsy and tired during the day. Once the fat around the neck is lost, you will be able to sleep without any complications.

10. Pregnancy Complications

Obese expectant mothers tend to get high blood pressure during the pregnancy, which is very dangerous for both the mother and the baby. There is also the risk of the mother developing diabetes, as well as the possibility of the baby being still born or being born severely underweight.

In view of all of these serious consequences of obesity, it is advisable that you take drastic measures to lose the excess weight, and this can be a very costly affair in Singapore. The weight loss procedures in Singapore require substantial amounts of funds. As aforementioned, subsidised bariatric surgeries can cost anything from S$6,000 to S$10,000. In some cases, one way of getting these funds is through weight loss loans.


What Should I Consider Before Applying For A Weight Loss Loan

The following tips should be considered before applying for a weight loss loan:


1. Ensure That You Are Borrowing From A Licensed Moneylender

The last thing you would want is to take up a loan with an unlicensed money lender. Not only are they unscrupulous, they also charge you exorbitant interest rates.

The Ministry Of Law has a list of licensed money lenders. At Horison Credit, you can be assured that we comply to a strict code of ethics and only seek to provide our customers with the best.

2. Loan Duration

The duration of the loan is important. A loan with a shorter term may have a higher interest rate. You’ll have to take note of this and decide whether you prefer to repay the loan over a shorter or longer period of time, as this will have implications on your budget.

3. Penalties And Administration Charges

You should find out if there are any hidden charges in the costs of the loan. This includes administration costs as well as penalties. Some lenders are more costly than others when it comes to penalties. You should make inquiries about all these costs before deciding on which where to apply for the loan.

4. Monthly Installments

The amount needed for the monthly installments is also an important point to note. You will need to confirm if the amount to be paid per month is within your budget so as to avoid any penalties brought about by defaulting.

5. Time Taken For Approval

If you need the weight loss procedure to be done urgently, you’ll then have to take note of the period of time that it takes to process the loan. It will be preferable for you to apply for the weight loss loan in a lending institution where the approval process is fast.

At Horison Credit, we strive to provide you the cash needed for your loan within 24 hours of your loan application.


Applying For A Weight Loss Loan With Horison Credit

It is advisable that people suffering from excessive weight should follow up the weight loss procedure with healthy eating habits and a general avoidance of the things that contributed to the initial weight gain.

At Horison Credit, we understand the hefty costs of weight loss / bariatric surgeries. This is why we are here to help you with your finances. If you have any other queries that you would like to have clarified, feel free to chat with us and we would be more than glad to have them answered!


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